Driving with you favourite music playing, open road, and nice weather is fantastic therapy for stress and bad moods.  Unfortunately, though this is the regular excuse for speeding.  It is easily done, one of the favourite tracks for this is ‘Bat Out Of Hell’.  Singing your head off with your foot on the accelerator.   It is so easy to become distracted.

A few other simple things that can cause driving distractions and cause poor driving are changing the cd track, radio station or the cd itself.  Food and ddriving-distractionsrink, even passengers and of course there is the good old favourite… mobile phones.  It never ceases to amaze me that even after all the publicity of using a mobile phone whilst driving, even with the chance of getting caught and fined, drivers still take risks.

Is it a case of ‘It won’t happen to me? I’m a good driver’, maybe so, but as with all driving it doesn’t have to be you that causes the accident, but it may cause you not to prevent the accident.  Not many people are aware but actually, texting at the wheel of a stationery vehicle whilst the engine is running is actually against the law.

Three quarters of motorists regularly report to observing other motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving, and also know and see how it affects that persons abilities, but will it stop them from using their phone??

Just think before you do any activity to affect your driving, it may just save a life, it might even be your own!!

Driving Distractions