Driving Test UK Changes

Back in April 2015 the DVSA began trialling some changes to the current UK Driving Test. This trial has been extended to allow for more research and review. The DVSA will then compare the results of people taking the current trial and look at changes in ‘safe driving’ within 6 months of learner drivers passing their driving test. It will also give further opportunity to research feedback from approved driving instructors (ADI’s) and learner drivers.

Below is a table showing the difference between the current UK Driving Test and the UK Trial Driving Test:

’Show Me Tell Me’ question at the beginning of the test ’Tell Me’ question at the beginning of the test and a ‘Show Me’ questions on the move
10 minutes independent driving using traffic signs or verbal directions 20 minutes independent driving using a satnav or traffic signs
One of the following manoeuvres – turn in the road, reverse around the corner or reverse parking (either into a parking bay, or parallel parking at the side of the road) One of the following manoeuvres – drive in and reverse out of a parking bay, pull up on the right, reverse and rejoin the traffic or reverse parking (either into a parking bay, or parallel parking at the side or the road)


Independent Driving Using Satnavs

Distractions are one of the main causes of traffic collisions. Satnavs are being used to address the concerns that inexperienced drivers are easily distracted. Following traffic signs will still be a second option. The satnav will be provided by the test centre and pre-programmed by the examiner.

Following Directions

Satnav will be used to provide visual and verbal directions and will recalculate and redirect when necessary, but the examiner can also step in to help and advise on how to get back on to route. As long as this is dealt with in a safe manner, if this occurs it will NOT be marked as a fault.

Problems with the satnav

The examiner will also step in and take over if the satnav fails or freezes, they will just go back to giving directions as they do now. The examiner will also give directions if there are 2 junctions close together so that you will have time to plan ahead.


The candidate will be asked to pull up on the right hand side of the road and then reverse a couple of car lengths. This is quite challenging, but is also a manoeuvre that is likely to be used after passing your test than the turn in the road manoeuvre.


Driving forward into a parking bay and then reversing out is a typical manoeuvre that is used regularly by motorists.
Public car parks will be used for this manoeuvre.


You must reverse either left or right depending on the traffic flow of the car park. You are not allowed to drive through the first parking bay and park in the next bay in front of you. Nor are you allowed to reverse into any parking bays behind you.


Whilst you are driving the examiner will ask you a ‘Show Me’ safely question. The examiner will ask the candidate to use a control when they think it safe to do so i.e switch on the side lights, or use the heater to de-mist the windows.


Driving Test UK Changes