driving lessons in wolverhamptonAre you looking for driving lessons in Wolverhampton?

Would you feel more comfortable with a female driving instructor?

Divawheelz is the best driving school Wolverhampton has to offer! We’re passionate about raising your driving confidence, preparing you for your test and getting your full license as quickly as possible for as little as possible. And that goes for nervous drivers too, we have patience in bundles. Driving lessons in Wolverhampton don’t get better than this! Here’s why…

Local Knowledge

All our Wolverhampton driving lessons are with instructors who really know the area. This means they will use the best roads for your lessons so you are properly prepared for your practical driving test.

Main roads, in particular, can be scary for learner drivers. The city centre has a confusing one way system and the ring road with it’s many multi lane roundabouts can be daunting. Never fear, with Divawheelz your driving lessons in Wolverhampton will be a comfortable learning experience that gets you used to these traffic conditions. You will not only pass your test but also be properly prepared to drive on your own afterwards. And that means prepared for all road conditions, especially in Wolverhampton!

Divawheelz are experts!

All Divawheelz driving instructors are female, They are well respected, knowledgeable experts, friendly with great teaching styles and great pass rates. Let our instructors take you from beginner to skilled driver.

As your scanning and anticipation skills improve, you’ll be negotiating the tramlines, whizzing round the ring road and managing the one way system like a veteran in no time. We will fill you with confidence and skill!

Our female driving instructors know Wolverhampton

It’s a fact, some people are just more comfortable with a female driving instructor. And people are more comfortable learning to drive in the area they know.

Our Divawheelz ladies are more than just skilled driving instructors. They are local and they care. You will be instantly put at ease. Our instructor’s patient, calm manner will build your confidence as you learn. Your confidence will be sky high going into the Spring Road Driving Test Centre! Our instructors’ local knowledge will mean you will be prepared for whatever route the assessor chooses. No nasty surprises! (see the link below for sample driving test routes in Wolverhampton)

At the end of the day we tailor our driving lessons to suit your needs. So if you need a little more time on a particular manoeuvre you get it. Simple! This means we are particularly successful with nervous learners. In fact we do have lessons that are dedicated to nervous learners.

So what’s stopping you? Give Divawheelz a call and book your driving lessons in Wolverhampton with the best school around!

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Before booking your driving lessons in Wolverhampton…

You will need a valid provisional driving license. You need an application form (form D1) from the Post Office. This has to be completed and sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). We cannot accept you as a pupil until you have your provisional license! Get it, give us a call and you can be on your way in a jiffy!

Wolverhampton Practical Driving Test Centre

Practical Driving Test Centre – Spring Road, Wolverhampton, WV4 6JX

Theory Test Centre – Derwent House, 42-46 Warterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4XB

Wolverhampton Driving Test Centre
Driving Test Centre, Spring Road, Wolverhampton, WV4 6JX

Your Divawheelz driving instructors know Wolverhampton and the Spring Road Driving Test Centre. This local knowledge is crucial as you prepare for your test. Your female instructor will use the best local roads for you to practice on in your driving lessons in Wolverhampton, so you are properly prepared for the test. There are a number of test routes that the Wolverhampton Driving Test Centre use. They may be helpful!

And here’s the map to Wolverhampton Driving Test Centre so you won’t get lost.

View Wolverhampton Driving Test Centre in a larger map