Divawheelz offers all female learner driving lessons at highly competitive prices.

Pass your driving test fast with expert learner driving lessons.

If you’re looking for learner driving lessons with a female driving instructor then Divawheelz Driving School is perfect for you.  We offer all female driving lessons for new drivers across the West Midlands.

Our fully flexible and highly experienced female driving instructors will collect you from your home, work or college and drop you off at a place that’s convenient for you. They are local to the area and know all the best routes.  In no time at all you will be passing your practical driving test and ripping up those ‘L’ plates.  Better still we don’t just teach you to drive.  We work with you to build confidence in all traffic situations, so in no time at all you will be driving on your own with confidence in your own abilities.

learner_driversLearning to drive is probably one of the most improtant decisions to make.  It can open up a whole new range of opportunities for your future.

We also offer intensive driving courses if you want to pass your driving test more quickly.


1Hour £28 per hourbook £30 per hourbook
Brand New Driver 3 LESSONS £70*book 3 LESSONS £80book
10 Hours £270book book
15 Hours £400book book
20 Hours £530book book
30 Hours £795book book
40 Hours £1050book book

*Terms and Conditions Apply